Smarter. Driving. Every Day.

Connect your car to your smartphone, and unlock enhanced performance, cost savings and social driving.

"Dash may lead to a sea change in the way that we think about our cars and how we drive."

"Dash turns your car, into a safer, more cost efficient, and socially connected way to get around."

"Dash uses a low-cost, easy-to-install device that analyses car and driver performance."

App + Device + Car

Simple steps to make your car smarter

Dash connects your smartphone to your car (all models 1996 and after) with a simple, low-cost device which you can install yourself – simply reach under your steering wheel and plug it in! No mess, no mechanic, no problem.

You can now connect your phone to your vehicle, by pairing via Bluetooth. Ready, Set, Dash!

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Bring your own OBD or get one as low as $10 – why pay more?


Ready. Set. Dash.

We're launching iOS in 2014, but if you want an early peek, sign up for our beta.


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Dash is on iPhone and Android.