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DASH uses OAuth v2 specification for granting developers and third parties access to the Dash Chassis API. Follow the instructions provided in the authentication flow section to integrate your application with our Dash Chassis API.

If you need to update your Authentication Client Profile, you can do that here.

Dash Chassis API Endpoints

The following are the endpoints available via the Dash Chassis API. All Dash Chassis API endpoints are protected by scopes. Ensure you request access to the correct scopes when obtaining an access token. You can find details on scopes here.

The base URL for the Chassis API is https://7w4xh45731.execute-api.us-east-1.amazonaws.com/prod/



Dash Chassis Webhooks

You can register your application to receive real-time events via webhooks. To learn more about webhooks and to setup your application, see the webhooks section.